April 30, 2018

Starting to book your unit quickly with the perfect photos
How to make your rental photos, taken with a phone, stand out with fast new service

Attracting guests as often as you need or want is contingent on a number of items including price, timing, location, and size and style. Some of these items are not in your control such as location while others are totally up to you such as price and when to rent. Also, in your control and extremely important to your overall revenue is the presentation of your unit. Certainly, an accurate and attractive photo of your unit will help you meet your goals.

Photographers are always an option and Airbnb can help you set up a shoot but that is no longer the only option. As you know often, photography is not available in your location or there is a wait or maybe a fee. In these cases, or if you want to get started quickly, a new online and mobile app is available to help. Krome Studio will take images of your rental right from your phone and stage them virtually improving their presentation to potential guests for under $12 per photo and within 24 hours.   So, if you want to get going in a few hours, or update photos already taken, or you just can’t get a photographer to your location – Krome is a great service and they will create the image for you. No need to learn or know Photoshop!


How does it work…can you use it? Fast, good and easy!

#1 Use Your Phone – no need to get fancy
Everyone has access to a great camera today – phone camera performance (particularly low-light image quality) has improved dramatically. In fact, we’ve pretty much reached the point that you can leave your old point-and-shoot at home. So, use your phone to take 6-7 photos of your unit.

#2 Angle is Everything
Here are a few tips to ensure the best shot:

1. Take low shots. When your camera is below eye level, your photos will look more like magazine images.
2. Shoot straight on and try not to angle the camera up or down.
3. Take images from corners of the room to feature more of the space.
4. Take your photo during the daytime with natural light if possible. Don’t use a flash, which can produce harsh shadows and inaccurate colors.

Airbnb Before & After Photo Editing

#3 Virtually Staging

You don’t have to redecorate – just straighten up and let Krome Studio do the virtual staging, similar to what a professional photographer would do. Take your image, then open the Krome Studio App, select the Pro order option, and upload your photo. Tap the image to leave a note to your Krome designer on what you need. Common requests include straightening, image brightening, object removal (pets, purse, dishes, etc.) or staging touches like flowers.

Enhance, Design, or Pro Service Order

#4 Krome Studio helps you get there

With your cell phone camera, a good angle and Krome Studio Virtual Staging – you are more likely to attract guests and increase revenue. Virtual staging gives you another option to get the image you want (an accurate and quality visual of your rental) online faster and for less money.

Airbnb Before & After Photo Edit

Krome is a service that takes your camera photos and makes them stand out. Krome guarantees satisfaction with a free re-edit on every order. Access the service on your mobile device or the web with professional editors available 24/7, you can submit an image anytime, anywhere, and receive your Kromed photo back within 24 hours or less.
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