Airbnb Host Tips for Photography


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How to make your rental photos, taken with a phone, stand out with fast new service

Krome Studio will take images of your rental right from your phone and make them just right for under $14 per photo and within 24 hours.

Common requests include straightening, image brightening, object removal (pets, purse, dishes) or staging touches like flowers. Krome can help you get your rental going quickly and easily.

So, if you want to get going in a few hours, or update photos already taken, or you just can’t get a photographer to your location – Krome is a great service and they will create the image for you. No need to learn or know Photoshop!


Krome is a service that takes your camera photos and makes them stand out. Krome guarantees satisfaction with a free re-edit on every order. Access the service on your mobile device or the web with professional editors available 24/7, you can submit an image anytime, anywhere, and receive your Kromed photo back within 24 hours or less.
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