April 14, 2015

Here at Krome Photos we often help our customers recover, restore, and re-imagine photos of their deceased loved ones. We saw this touching story in the media and wanted to share it with our followers to show one of the many possibilities for honoring your loved ones.



Photographer Kayli Rene shares the story behind the photo:

For those who may not know, I’m gonna share my story.
Lane and I had found out we were having a baby at the beginning of 2014, and boy let me tell ya we were beyond excited! I think the thought of having a kid made Lane the happiest person in the world. We were scared as any new parents would be but ready for the adventure together.
In early July when I was around 8 months pregnant and we decided to go to the jet boat races in El Reno to support Lanes cousins. That’s what Lane loved more than anything, being around his family. It got late and I got hot so I decided it was time for me to head home. When I left Lane that day I had no clue it would be the last time id see him.
At around 2:30 in the morning I got a call from Bailey (one of Lanes cousins girlfriends) telling me there had been an accident. Immediately my heart sank and I began to worry. She told me Lane was being taken to OU in OKC just to be checked out because he had fallen on his head. I woke my mom up and headed to OKC, never ONCE thinking his life was in danger. When I got to the hospital I met up with his brothers and they informed me he was in the ER and they hadn’t heard much of anything. A lady came out to give is some insight on what was going on and when she found out my mom was an RN she pulled her aside. Right then I knew something was up. My mom walked over to me and I just started crying. I was scared. Eventually we were moved to an excluded room to sit, we were given absolutely no hope that Lane was going to make it due to the severity of everything.
July 13th 2014 was the absolute worst day of my life. I lost my best friend. The father of my unborn child. And since that day I have felt so empty inside. A part of me will forever be missing. I loved that man more than life itself.
Thanks to Kayli I now have a picture of my little family. It brought me to tears as I know it will many if y’all. This is how I picture us. Taos and I living our lives the best we can with Lane ALWAYS watching over our shoulder. He is watching out for his little boy better than anyone and i know he’s got to be so proud. I love my little family sooooo much and I’m proud to be the mother to Lanes little boy. –Sierra Sharry

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