August 27, 2014

Summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to transform your photos into something special! Here are our tips and ideas to make the most of your summer photos.

1. Brighten the Sky

When you photograph subjects against a bright sky, it can often look dull and grey in the actual photo. With a little help from your Krome pro, you can turn that dull sky into a bright blue backdrop that matches what you remember, instead of what the camera captured!

How to order: Choose Remove Object and type in “replace sky with bright blue sky” or “replace with sky and clouds.”

Group Photo Custom Retouch by Krome Photos

2. Blur the Background

For many types of photos, you can mimic the look of a shallow depth of field by blurring the background behind the subject. This is a great way to highlight the main subject and reduce the distractions in a background. With traditional photography, this is achieved by adjusting the aperture of a camera and the focusing distance. However, with an iPhone you cannot easily control these settings.

How to order: Check off Blur Background, and add an optional comment about what subject you would like to focus on, then your Krome editor will take care of the rest!

Blur Background Retouching Example

3. Remove Clutter and Other People from the Background

A photo from a day at the beach is a classic example of how helpful it is to remove objects or people from the background! Focus on what really matters: the beautiful beach and your loved ones!

How to order: Choose Remove Object and type in “remove people in background” or “remove objects on beach.”

Remove Objects Retouching Example

4. Clean up spills and wrinkled clothing

Even if you could not get the stain out of your favorite shirt, you can get it out of the photo!

How to order: Choose Remove Object and add “remove stain” or “smooth out wrinkles in shirt.”

Remove a Stain from a Shirt Photo Retouching Example

5. Have fun with Creative Shots!

Going away for Labor Day weekend? Take the opportunity to capture some fun summer photos before we bundle up for Fall!

Summer Photo Reflection

Source: Etsy

Selective Color Example

Source: Indulgy

How to order: Choose Black & White and add a comment like “selective color on ice cream only”

Beach Bucket Photo Example

Source: Tumblr