July 11, 2019

Better product images lead to more sales 5 Steps to Better Product Images that Lead to More Sales

By Eduardo Llach, Founder and CEO of Krome Photos.

As a photographer, I know that taking good photos, in general, is not always straight forward. Especially taking product photos.

One of the reasons I started Krome Photos was to help small businesses get product photos quickly and affordably because quality photos will increase sales. Other market solutions normally include three different experts to complete and require time and a significant budget.

Phone photos can easily be edited and used for amazing lifestyle and listing images. Here are some tips on how you can get the best images to optimize sales and engagement just using your cell phone…

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Use high-resolution images. Phone cameras these days produce great images, so you don’t need to have access to a professional DSLR camera to take photos of your products. You can use any image from your phone. Just make sure to use the highest resolution image and not a compressed version. This will keep details crisp and allow you to use bigger images online.

Better product images lead to more sales
Use high-quality images that are not blurry or dark. You can easily snap great pics on your phone that can be edited by an expert like Krome Photos.

Take images in a well lit, shaded area. Be mindful of the setting you take your images. You want bright, even lighting, so product details are visible. Avoid mid-day, direct sunlight because that creates harsh shadows. Look for a shaded area, or take images inside, near a window, for soft light.

Better product images lead to more sales. Lifestyle image of a head vase.
Snap a photo in a shaded area with no direct sunlight to get the best results, even in your garage.

Show variety. Highlight the best features of your product, by taking multiple images at different angles. Viewers should see the item from every side. This will give them confidence in knowing what they’ll be purchasing. More details lead to more sales.

Better product images lead to more sales. White cut out image of four views of a backpack.
Take different angles of the product to highlight its functionality and selling points. A good editor will be able to add product dimensions and other graphic elements. Krome Photos customers create a lot of infographic images.

Show the item in use. It’s important to include a few lifestyle images, in addition to simple listings, so the viewer can see the product in its intended environment, being used. This creates an emotional response and allows people to imagine owning the product and visualize its place in their lives. If you don’t have access to take a picture of a person using your product, no worries ― Krome Studio can replace the background and add a model to the scene, using or wearing your item.

Better product images lead to more sales. Lifestyle image of man wearing a fashionable backpack.
Work with a qualified photo editor like Krome Photos to place the product on the right model.

Stick to your brand. Consistency is key. Your images should comply with the style you’ve set for your business, so your products feel familiar to users. Sticking to your brand creates trust among viewers. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. If you have multiple products, take the same set of images at the same angle for all items (i.e. front, left side, right side, back), preferably in the same setting. Thus, having consistent positioning and lighting for all your items will create a better presence online. Krome Studio can edit your images to meet your brand aesthetic. Feel free to provide us with a reference photo, to match your color scheme. Perhaps you have a soft blue undertone to your images ― we can match that. Whatever your needs, simply let us know and we’ll deliver.

Better product images lead to more sales. Lifestyle image of a woman wearing a purse.
Make sure you ask your editor to keep in mind your target audience and brand. Krome can help you with designs by choosing models and background that have already been optimized.

I will be posting more content on how to best optimize your product photos in the coming weeks. You have a friend in Krome to help get you to the top of your industry with photos that sell.

Stay tuned…


**Photo transformation by Krome Photos, used by customer permission 

Image of Krome Photos CEO with a friend.