May 01, 2014

1. Recreate an Old Children’s Photo
Look back on your old family photos and find mom’s favorite photo. Then get the gang together and see how closely you can recreate the photo. For some, the biggest challenge is dressing up the same way they did as a child!

Recreate an Old Family Photo | Krome PhotosSource: Kids Kubby

2. Photo Inside a Photo
Coordinate a quick photo with each generation holding a frame. Your Krome pro can then combine the images into one unique photo! Just include a link (from a site like Dropbox) with all of your photos in your Custom Retouch order and you’re good to go!

Source: Pinterest

3. I love Mom Tattoo
You don’t have to be a biker to have an “I love mom” tattoo. Use paint, make-up, or a temporary tattoo to create this classic style photo and give mom a laugh – and maybe a brief scare! Plus, have some fun with costumes and poses to feature the tattoo.

Already have a photo? Your Krome pro editor can help with adding the tattoo to it. Simply order a Custom Retouch photo, and then your Krome pro can superimpose a tattoo on your arm. Just let us know if you have a certain style in mind or leave it up to your Krome pro to be creative!

Source: Pinterest

4. Give Love from the Dog
The sign says it all! Here’s a great way to make sure every member of the family shows their appreciation for mom.

Dog I love Mom

5. Pose with a Picture Frame
We love these multi-generation photos! Get the kids and grandparents together and create a unique photo series by posing with a picture frame.

Photo in Frame
Source: Pinterest

6. Love from Head to Toe
There are so many ways to show mom you love her! Here’s another cute way to get the kids involved and celebrate mom.

I love You Feet 400

Source: Love and Laughter Photography

7. Classic Black and White
Looking for a more classic pose? Set up a photo shoot at home and focus on different ways to capture mother and child together. If you can’t get the lighting quite right, then send your photo to a Krome pro for some retouching. Your Krome pro can darken the background and remove distractions so that the focus is completely on the hands and feet, like in this photo.

hand-baby feet heart 400

8. Pose with the Mom-to-Be!
Celebrate the expecting mother’s baby bump with easy, yet fun poses such as this! It’s a great way to get the kids involved and have some fun! However you choose to pose, just focus on trying to capture this special time before it’s over!

Source: Broke Girls Guide

9. Play Dress Up
Bring out the costume box, dresses, hats, and costume jewelry to play dress up with mom and the kids! Snap photos along the way to capture the silly moments. Try to get a mix of candid and posed shots and you’re sure to get a few gems along the way!


10. Capture Multiple Generations in a Photo

Krome customer, Lori, created this photo with her family and told us about the experience:

The older couple are my parents and the grandparents to the five perched above them. (Three are mine and the other two are my brother’s children.) Time is flying and two of my children are in high school and will soon be headed to college. The barn is a mile down the road from my house and hidden in tall pine trees. Last Nov, I walked around to the back of the barn and saw the hay loft and envisioned this photo shoot. We made time to make this happen and this is the shot that I wanted the most. The boards in the background help tell the story of the old barn, but I thought it would be interesting to see what Krome could do to “erase” them.

Custom Retouch Photo Example | Krome Photos

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