Having a profile on a dating website is more common than ever before. With fast paced, busy lifestyles of professionals today, fitting in normal dating can be extremely difficult; therefore, many individuals are opting for cyber assistance.

Krome My Dating Profile Benefits


Stand Out Among the Rest

From ordinary to extraordinary, a Krome professional will transform your image to ensure it's eye catching.


Overall Enhancements

Brightening, Teeth Whitening and Skin Smoothing.


The Perfect Background 

Whether you'd like the existing background cleaned up, or entirely replaced, we'll make your image pop.


Ready to Upload

Let us know the dating site you're uploading your image to, and we'll make sure to deliver the image set to the recommended size.

Why is Profile Photo Important?

Great choice of photo and adding professional touch on them, can drastically increase your chances if getting more communication and dates. Use your photos as a primary tool to express who you are, what you love to do, where you love to go and what type of lifestyle you lead.

Show YOU

Make sure your profile picture is current and representative of how you actually look. This doesn't mean you can't improve your image! It's ok to present your best self. Feel free to do some minor skin clean up if necessary (leave permanent characteristics alone!), via photo retouching software, Apps, or hiring a professional.

In Addition to a digital facial, have some fun with the background! There is no pressure to hire a photographer to snap images for you dating profile. You can do quite a bit with that selfie you snapped in the car the other day.

Check Out these tutorials for specifics on how to accomplish these revisions:

Upload a Good Quality Photo

The gap between smartphone cameras and professional DSLR cameras is quickly shrinking, which means it's not hard to capture a great looking image of yourself to use on dating sites. Follow these pointers to ensure the highest quality image possible:


We've all heard "the eyes are the window of the soul." So make sure we can see them!


We suggest profile pictures be taken from straight on. This is most representative of how you actually look, and prevents distortion from occurring.

File Size

Make sure to upload the original file. Images shared via social media have been compressed; therefore, won't  be as crisp, clear, or as large. So instead of grabbing an image off Facebook to upload to your profile, try and track down the original file instead.

In addition to skin clean up and overall enhancements, Krome Studio Service has a wide variety of different background options you can choose from, to best express your personality. 

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