The Krome Treatment

The Krome Treatment

Save yourself the time it takes to crop and color enhance hundreds of photos from that last vacation – just upload them and we’ll apply the Krome Treatment!
Get Better Looking Photos

  • Your photo editor will color correct, crop, and remove red-eye from all of your photos.
  • Opt for “Editor’s Choice” and your editor will pick out the best photos to edit.

Find Your Photos in an Instant

  • Your photos are backed up online.
  • Your photos are tagged with keywords. This means your photos will be searchable!
  • While applying the Krome Treatment, your photo editor ranks your photos so you can always find the best ones first.

Share and Print with Ease


  • Share your photos on Facebook instantly from your Dashboard.
  • Order print and photo products through Shutterfly.
  • More printing sites to come.

What’s different about Krome Treatment?
The Krome Treatment is great for editing a large amount of photos. Unlike the other services we offer, Krome Treatment performs simple edits on an album of photos, instead of advanced enhancements on one or a few photos. With Krome Treatment, all of your photos will be cropped, color enhanced, and tagged. Then, you can easily share them through Facebook, Shutterfly, and e-mail.