Professional Photo Books at Affordable Prices

The price of your photo book will depend on the size of the book, type of cover, number of pages, and your choice of photo enhancement.

Krome Photos uses top of the line, professional quality books printed through Blurb to ensure your book will last for years to come. These prices are based on Blurb’s Softcover series and include the price of photo enhancing. When you order your completed book you will be able to select a hard cover type to alter the final price of the book. To estimate the price of your book without enhanced photos, subtract $5.00 from the price of your book. The maximum number of pages in a photo book is 160 pages.

Professional Photo Editing at Affordable Prices


Plus, you still have to learn these software programs if you want to edit your own photos.

Save yourself time and money by letting the pros at Krome Photos do your editing.



Level 1: Area Edits      $4.99/photo

Correct and enhance color, brighten dark areas/shadows, cropping and straightening, fix exposure, sharpen, rescue highlights, reduce noise, and place props and logos.


Level 2: Pixel Edits      $9.99/photo

All level 1 Enhancements plus: remove blemishes or scars, smooth skin and wrinkles, smooth hair and remove stray hairs, whiten teeth, repair water damage, restore a photo, correct lens distortion, and remove objects or people from photo.