Krome Dashboard

The Krome Dashboard

A Powerful Tool to View, Manage, and Share Your Photos.

Whenever you log into your Krome account, you will land in the Krome Dashboard. Here you can see all of the photos that your photo editor has edited for you. Plus, with the click of a button you can easily share your photos with friends and family.

Features of the Dashboard:

  • Upload your photos.
  • Click the K button to remove watermarks from free trial photos or send your photos to your personal photo editor.
  • View your photos: before & after they have been enhanced.
  • 1-Click Sharing through: Facebook, Shutterfly, E-mail, or download a photo and send it wherever you want.
  • Find photos quickly. Use the Search tool to find your photos in an instant.
  • Purchase credits to buy edited photos.

Krome Dashboard FAQ

1. I uploaded a free trial photo. What now?

First, check out the before/after versions to make sure you’re satisfied. Then, to remove the watermark from the photo, click the K button. You will be directed to another page to enter credit card information. After the purchase is complete, the watermark will instantly be removed and you can feel free to share or download the enhanced photo to use anywhere!

2. How do I Krome enhance photos on the Dashboard?

Click Upload Photos and select any photos that you would like edited. For each photo, click the K button to choose your enhancing options.

Note: If you upload photos but do not complete your order either by making a purchase or entering a free trial code, those photos will automatically receive the Krome Treatment for free up to 1GB.

3. How do I delete folders/collections?

Click on “Advanced” in the menu bar, and fill the checkbox next to “Allow folder/collection deletion?”

4. How do I share photos via Facebook and Shutterfly?

Click on “Sharing Preferences” in the menu bar, and log in to your Facebook or Shutterfly account. You will then be able to click on the Facebook and Shutterfly icons on the right side to share your photos.