Some Sweet Photography Tips for Valentine’s Day

Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day with great self-portraits! Take a picture of you with your valentine – your loved one, your child or even your pet. Whether you are using a smartphone or a DSLR camera, these tips will help you take the best self-portraits possible!

Tip #1
Be sure to be aware of your background. You don’t want anything distracting taking the focus off of your subject. Try to use stable trees or a wall as opposed to busy traffic or crowds.

Tip #2
Use Valentine’s related props. This is especially good when taking photos with kids and toddlers. There are so many items to be used, stuffed animals, or a heart shaped box of chocolate. These things will give you a photo full of love and smiles.

Valentine's Day Photos

Tip #3
Use natural light if possible. It sets a dreamier mood than the harsh bright light of the flash. If possible take your photos outside, or near a window. Adjust your white balance. This setting is also available on smart phones as well – just choose incandescent, fluorescent, cloudy or daylight for your particular light situation.

Tip #4
When taking photos with kids get down on their level! Experiment with angles. While lying down next to them on the floor may feel silly, you will get a better shot than trying to force them where they do not want to go. Plus it could result it more candid laughs!

Tip #5
Try to avoid using flash when you are taking portrait shots outside at night. Many cameras and cell phones have special modes for low light portraits. Using that mode or adjusting your settings can help prevent the background from being completely blown out of the shot.

Tip #6
Silhouette photos can be great ways of capturing a romantic mood and are easy to take. Silhouette photography requires that you use pure back lighting. That is, you want to place yourself so that you maximize the amount of light in the scene coming from behind you.

Tip #7
Capture the memories of your Valentine Day celebration by taking photos of the different moments or aspects of the day. Include the gift from your loved one, the table setting of a romantic candle lit table, a beautiful sunset that was shared, or your child giving their mother or father a valentine.

Tip #8
If you are using a cell phone that does not have a front facing camera, try holding the cell phone at an upward angle to make sure you get yourself fully in the photo. If you are taking a photo with someone else in it make sure you get as close as possible to also ensure you both are in the photograph.

Tip #9
If you are using a DSLR camera and have a tripod you can set the camera up where you want it and then use the timer to take a self-portrait.

Tip #10
Remember to have fun and experiment! The more you experiment with angles and different framing the better chance you have at capturing a scrapbook worthy photo. And if you are having fun while you are doing it the real smiles will be endless.

Keep these tips in mind for the best Valentine’s photos! Got any of your own tips to share? Let us know if the comments section below.

Happy shooting!

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